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Our coaches to set the course

Discover the SeaChange 'approved' coaches

The interventions sublimated by our coaches correspond to an individual or collective accompaniment with the aim of developing potentials, of soliciting the emergence and the implementation of strategies of success, as well in the personal as professional fields.

Beryl BES, Founder Bes&Co

25 years of commitment to more responsible performance

Our carbon footprint : Understand it and reduce it! I suggest that you come aboard SeaChange to become aware of tomorrow's challenges and transform them into an opportunity for collective commitment in your company. You have all the cards in your hand!

Dominique LUCAS, Speaker Mental coach

Mental health specialist at Association d'Aide aux Victimes d'Infractions Pénales (AVIP) Monaco

With my atypical experience in the Air Force and in high level sports structures, I decided to start my own business in 2009 by creating my training organisation Impala

Sometimes accompanied by sportsmen and women, fighter pilots from the French Air Force and the Patrouille de France, I develop the values essential to performance: management and team cohesion, personal development and self-confidence, conflict and stress management, excellence and performance...

Pascale JOLY-LOMBARDI, Founder of the Coachdaffaires network

Business Coaching for entrepreneurs and managers

This job is exciting! I encourage, I accompany, I coach, I boost the entrepreneurs on both the knowledge to be and the know-how, to help them develop performance and profitability in a sustainable way in their business ... I bring them a methodology to build a profitable and valuable business and leads them to reflect on several dimensions: the state of mind of the entrepreneur, the vision, the optimization of time, profitability, quality of life, sustainability ...

Agnès DORAI, Ceo NewLive

Professional transformation strategy coach

Want to get your business off the ground? Let's talk about it during a SeaChange Experience Master Class! You want to know exactly what makes you tick, You want to find a balance between your professional and personal life, You want to ask yourself the right questions, the ones we don't ask ourselves or don't want to ask...


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